The ALL-INCLUSIVE, business building experience for new entrepreneurs who want the digital foundation for their new online business done right and done fast.


Why the 2-Day Immersion?

I designed this Accelerator program because the problem I often see when people come up with their new dream hustle is knowing how to articulate their vision, build a website, launch their brand, and get their first offering up and available to sell online.
As a Creative Director, Consultant, and Business Owner, over our 2-days together I will help you:
  • Establish your niche and brand creative that authentically represents your service offerings
  • Create and build a business presence with your website and social media platforms
  • Strategize and create your lead magnet to help you grow a mailing list
  • Outline your launch strategy, product offerings and next steps
Don’t waste time trying to figure out all this your own, when you invest in this Accelerator you leave with a branded site, an outline of program/service offerings, and most of all a strategy on how to maintain it with ease.
I am devoted to making your online brand work for you, and give you back the time to focus on your clients so you grow your business.

All-Inclusive luxury experience.

I take care of all the details! Your travel into London, Ontario, boutique accommodations for three nights, special treats for your stay, your food during our time together which includes two luxury dinners out at London finest restaurants. 

Quiet time for you to keep focused on your business.

One of the biggest benefits of booking the Accelerator VIP Immersion is the time to simply focus on your business. Often life at home can come with many distractions making it hard to accomplish anything. This immersion gives you three nights and two full days to focus on your business.

Get it done right with personal help from me.

During our work days we are full steam ahead. Starting with clarity on your niche and your business concept, your brand design and implementation, your website design and your lead magnet. With my tech skills and graphic design background I can make it all work.


Hey there, I’m Shana!

I’m a mom of three, a wife to my husband Jason and I'm also graphic designer with a huge passion for the online business world. I help my clients build and design the digital foundation for their online businesses, specializing in Kajabi, Squarespace and Mailchimp. Podcast creation as well.

I also help you with proven strategies to grow your new online business so you can connect with more of the right people and turn your passion of helping others into much deserved profits.

My purpose is to help as many people as I can launch their dream hustle so we can all help make this world a better place once business at a time.

Jake Leiske Willis

This was an extreme custom boutique experience. I felt completely looked after and the fact that it's all inclusive takes all the thought and worry out of my mind so I could stay focused on exactly what I wanted for my business. It could've wrapped up one day ONE and I would have still got my money's worth! What we accomplished in these two days was something that would've taken me months. I am eternally grateful for this time to work directly with Shana.


Frequently Asked Questions

This is an ALL-INCLUSIVE experience that includes your travel up to $600, your luxury accomodations for 3 nights, your food for two full days including two dinners at London's finest restaurants. It includes two 8-10 hour days working alongside Shana to map out your business strategy and build the digital foundation to support it, accessing Shana's technical expertise and create design background.  Also included are 2  90 Minute strategy sessions, one prior to your arriving in London, Ontario and one after to tie up any loose ends. Options to purchase more sessions available.

I also teach you how to manage the software we set up in our time together so you have the control to make any adjustments or changes when needed. 

Includes the Dream Hustle DIY Starter Program as well. 

The Accelerator is a 3 night, two day experience. We start the day after you travel into London Ontario.

Results can vary based on how quickly decisions are made. Typically you will have clarity on your niche, mission statement, logo and branding elements created and stored in Canva. A functioning website (in Squarespace or Kajabi) on brand and with all necessary links to get started. An opt-in designed and ready for use. Customer relationship manager (CRM) set up and ready to build. Outline of a product or service that will either be created and ready for sale if time allows or a solid understanding of what is needed to complete it. 

Results vary based on how quickly decisions are made. 

Currently I'm booking in the following months and dates. I have some flexibility if needed.

  • October 23rd to 26th 2019
  • November 21st to 24th 2019
  • January 9th to 11th 2020
  • February 19th to 22nd 2020
  • March 25th to 28th 2020
  • April 3rd to 6th.
  • Open to other dates if needed.

This Accelerator program is for the entrepreneur who wants their business idea and brand built quickly and with the help of an expert. For someone who doesn't have a lot of extra time at home to do this work themselves. For the person who's READY to make their business dream come to life and come to life professionally and quickly.


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